IT Configuration

Be sure everything around IT works smoothly for Workplace.


At a minimum, deploying Workplace at your company involves provisioning user accounts and choosing an authentication method. Beyond these steps, there are a number of additional configurations to ensure a successful Workplace deployment.

Domain Management

To be sure all your employees will only belong to the community you manage and can't be added as users to other Workplace instances, verify all the email domains your employees are going to use to access with Workplace.

Read more in the Domain Management guide.

Email Deliverability

Can all Workplace emails (in particular invitation emails) reach your employees? Workplace will send your users emails about account activity and content. It is essential that emails sent by Workplace are not blocked by your organization's email infrastructure.

Read more in the Email Deliverability guide.


To use Workplace, it's crucial to ensure that Workplace's service endpoints can be reached by your users on your corporate network. This may require some change management at proxy and network level for your company.

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