Go live from your favorite video tools

Integrate Workplace with Zoom, Webex or BlueJeans to reach and engage more poeple by broadcasting video calls to Workplace.

After going live to your group, a recording of your video call is automatically posted so anyone who needs to catch up later can do it on their own time.

Auto-genereated and translated captions can allow everyone to tune in and engage in the discussion.

Anyone who watches the Live video can ask questions or add comments to your post during or after your broadcast ends.

Live Q&A, comments and reactions can help keep your audience engaged during your broadcast. They’re also a great way for you to interact with your viewers and show them you appreciate their input.

Understand your audience’s behavior with insights like unique video viewers, total video views, average watch time and more.

Navigating Live integrations with Workplace

Watch episode two of the Change Makers webinar series on-demand and learn how Live video integrations can help you collaborate asynchronously, make your video calls more engaging and accessible, and reach more people with the information they need.



Setting up the integration with Zoom for Live video


Setting up the integration with Webex for Live video


Setting up the integration with BlueJeans for Live video
Going live with Webex


Going live from Zoom


Going live from BlueJeans

What you can broadcast to Workplace

Teams on Workplace broadcast their meetings into their working groups to keep a record of their discussions and allow anyone that can’t make the call to catch up later. This is especially valuable for global teams who have difficulty scheduling meetings that work for everyone.

Want to show off the results from a recent marketing campaign, product launch, research project, etc. with the entire company? Individuals, teams and departments, use Live video to share their hard work, celebrate achievements and keep people informed.

Many companies hold virtual training sessions on their favorite video tools and broadcast them to a dedicated learning and development group on Workplace. Employees can catch up on the training session whenever they have time, or explore a whole library of training to learn new skills.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) use Live video to engage group members or the entire organization. They host panels with company and ERG leaders to discuss topics like DEI strategy or to celebrate cultural moments. Many even bring on external guests to speak.

Whether you’re hosting a town hall, a panel discussion, or an ask me anything session with the executive team, Live video can help you ensure that you’re reaching everyone in the organization, regardless of their physical location.

Add Live video integrations to your Workplace today